Basketball (NBA) Quiz

Find out which NBA star you are!

Click on the correct answer to proceed to the next question.
You have two minutes to answer the first question, giving you time to read the instructions and understand the quiz.
For questions 2 through 12, you have 15 seconds to answer. If you take more than the given time, it will mark the question as incorrect and move onto the next question.
You may click "lifeline" or "free answer" if you are stuck.
Lifeline will eliminate two possible answers; free answer will skip the question and mark it as correct.
You can only use these buttons once each, so proceed with caution!
If you have already used these buttons and are stumped, you may click "skip question" at the bottom of the page.

The numbers on the bottom of the screen shows your progress, not your score. Your score and percentage is displayed every time you answer a question.

Your aptitude on the test will determine which NBA star you are.

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